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 “The time I spent with Mae was enlightening and so very meaningful. To experience the light and energy that is available to all of us, and to be guided by Mae, offered me a perspective I had never experienced.  It has changed the way I look at myself, others, and my past.  It has also provided a path for my future that I didn’t realize was available to me.  Mae is caring, warm and trustworthy. Her reminder that all that I was thinking and feeling was coming from me and belonged to me, helped me to see my thoughts clearly.  She explains her role as a guide and offers so much support.  I liked that I owned and had control over what was happening in the environment, and I welcomed her sharing and clarifying the places my thoughts and heart took me.  I admit I was skeptical, not sure if this time together was really going to ‘work’. I now regard it as some of the best time I’ve spent on myself, and am grateful to Mae for her expertise and talent.  She has so much to offer all of us.” Ellen P.





What people are saying!

“What I liked most about the session was the validation. I…feel like I am living as my authentic self even more now, and not needing external validation. As I live my purpose, I notice that people are more receptive to me and find me inspiring. I feel that the session helped me to release fear, and feel more secure within. This information helps me to move forward because I have a greater understanding of trusting my intuition and the flow of life. You did an excellent job with my session. It  was healing for me to talk about these matters without judgment, and I am finding that I am attracting more people into my life who can relate.

I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. I feel that you were thoughtful and detailed.”

-Heather D.


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