Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Quantum Healing After Loss

The power of the mind is something that has fascinated me for years. Each and everyday I am growing more firm in my belief of its power. When I work with my clients using Quantum Healing Hypnosis the information blows me away. Every session is different and special. My heart is filled with gratitude and honor to learn and get to know my clients so well. This process of healing allows very deep work to be done. Most clients I work with have lost a loved one. The pain of the experience has held them back from living the life they want and deserve. This work changes their lives. They gain a healthier perspective about life. I love what I do.

Why does this work to ease the pain? The process touches many levels of human and energetic body. In doing so, it creates lasting shifts in the mind, body, and spirit. When this healing happens people feel a sense of belonging, lightness and love.

The human mind gets very comfortable in repetitive thinking. When a thought gets focused on over and over the thought shifts in to a belief. So if we say to ourselves “I can never heal from this.” The mind, body and the universe will obey that belief until it no longer serves. At that point things will get uncomfortable. There will be a strong feeling to change. This opportunity to grow. The world knows our ability. Life will bring learning events around and around until the lesson is understood.

This is when I get involved.

My client bring in a list of questions that they would like to find out about. Maybe some have been bothering them for years.

Such as:

“Why did I get into that car accident and live?”

“ What is the meaning of the butterflies I see everywhere?”

“ Is Jan in heaven and ok?”

Each question brings them closer to finding their purpose and why they are having this life experience. When the answers flow or we begin peeling off they layers of pain, everyone feels lighter.

The ability to release and relax brings in such deep healing and peace.

Some clients have moments with their loved ones who have passed. Others gain a new awareness about our true state of energy and what it feel like to just be. When I work with this process it shines a light on the darkness of pain and grief. Then leaves an undeniable imprint of hope and relief. That is what begins the healing.

Quantum healing Hypnosis is a life changer.



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