My Story

A-Mae-Zing life after loss

Deep down I missed that happy joyful person I once was. There were moments when I didn’t even know how I became who I was. I had no purpose. The heavey feeling in my stomach took over and I lost touch with any sense of joy. I was unable to feel any emotion in its fullness because if I did the pain might show up. Everyday life seemed gray. I didn’t even notice color any more. Many days were about getting through the motions/tasks/commitments-there was no passion.

When death is experienced something gets flipped.

For many years I was afraid to feel because I wasn’t sure how deep my pain would take me. Those years took more then time; they took my zest for life. Nothing was quite as fun, or as sweet or as colorful. In order to feel good and joyful, I would be risking feeling the sadness. The thought that I might fall into a gapping hole of unknown was my motivation to stay numb. Eventually, I created so much grayness in my life I couldn’t see the beauty in everday living. The spark in me was dimmed. I felt locked up in a cold stagnant gray prison of fear. The day my twin sister died was the day that I shut down.

I knew something needed to change and it did when I made the choice to start living again.

The problem was didn’t know where to begin. 25 years of growing and learning has taught me resilience . I know what it takes to move out of the grayness of loss.

Everything I experienced was to get me to where I am today. My life is amazing!

Now, I work with clients who are ready to heal their wounds so they can see life in color and live their purpose. I love what I do.

The results are consistent- My  clients gain a new perspective-emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. They come alive. Their numbness is replaced with excitement.

When you are ready for change I am here. You can also learn about me and my services at Click here.